Jamilia Souffrant

Jamila Souffrant, the host of the Journey to Launch podcast joins Bobbi to talk about how she used a risky but well-researched investment in real estate to begin her path to financial freedom.

In Jamila’s story you will learn:

-How Jamila’s mother and grandmother taught her the value of investing in real estate

-Jamila’s strategy to research and invest in undervalued real estate

-Specifically how she raised the money for the downpayment while still a college student

-The exact characteristics she looked for in a geographic region in deciding where to buy an investment property

-Her 2-year plan to be ready to buy real estate

-Jamila’s decision to live at home and how that helped her build up the money she needed.

In Jamila’s lesson you will learn:

-Why real estate investment early in life is a great foundation for financial freedom

-How she rose despite many challenges including being the child of a single mother.

In her money tip you will learn:

-What Jamila never orders at restaurants

-How to train your mind to be more intentional with your money. 

In my take you will learn:

-Strategies to buy a home at a young age

-What to look for in an investment property, especially if you have a small budget

-Specific things you can do to save a solid downpayment


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