Rebecca Jarvis

Rebecca Jarvis, ABC News Chief Business, Technology and Economics Correspondent, and Host and Managing editor of the “No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis” podcast learned her financial lessons early.

But the truth about the value of that education really came to light when she learned what was going on with a dear friend.  

You will learn why you want Rebecca, and friends like her, on your team. 


Rebecca's money story:

-The  money lessons from her journalist mom that set her on the right path

-How Rebecca has helped her friends who have run into money trouble

-The ways that poor money decisions can hurt your opportunities, including jobs

-How banks sometimes lure young people into borrowing more money than they can afford


Rebecca’s lesson: 

-specific tools to figure out wants vs. needs. 

-advice on how to maintain a budget

-her favorite app for managing money


Rebecca’s money tip:

How to make sure your education pays off

What kind of classes to take post-college

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