Jean Chatzky

This episode with Her Money podcast host and Today Show financial editor, Jean Chatzky, is about getting the most value for your work. 


In Jean’s money story you will learn

-The impact her divorce had on her financial strategy

-How the loss of her dad changed her perspective on money

-The loss of her job and the career change that followed

-How to assess your financial needs, especially your savings goals

-How focusing on her money created emotional and psychological security

-Her post-divorce college savings plan pivot


In Jean’s lesson you will learn:

-How to evaluate your financial needs at different life stages

-Which professional advisors she has used at key points in her life

-How to know what to charge clients for your professional services or products

-Why and how she shares information about pricing


In her money tip you will learn:

-The power of automatic savings

-Mental accounting and why it works for her

-Using different pools of money for different goals

-Guilt-free spending


In my take you will learn:

-My advice on knowing your worth in the market

-Why socializing and making friends in person and online is key to growing your business

-Why you must choose clients that value your work

-How to deal with clients that lowball you on price

-How to grow low paying clients into higher paying ones


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