“Bobbi was the host for a full day of our THINK Conference in New York, and did a terrific job in familiarizing herself with different business models, interviewing keynote speakers, staying on message and charming the audience. We’ve already invited her to host another event for us!”

Joe Franklin , VP, Experiential Marketing and Engagement, CO-OP Financial Services

Bobbi spoke at our office to our entire staff. Her presentation was both entertaining, thought provoking, and inspirational. Her easy to follow approach mixed in with humor really made the time fly. It was the perfect accompaniment to her book. Everyone, regardless of age or current financial status was able to walk away with something to do and something to learn more about!

-Brian Murray, Likeable Media

You did an amazing job last night! We’ve heard great feedback from our members, and I know they will love the book as much as I did. Also, typically at J.P. Morgan events people don’t stay for the book signing portion, so based on the long line of individuals waiting to meet you I consider that a huge success. 

-Harry Stone, J.P. Morgan Chase

"In addition to giving an inspiring keynote on the importance of “financial wellness”, Bobbi took the time to connect with our event attendees and personalize her talk based on these conversations. Her ability to hone in on key pain points from the audience made her presentation one of the most talked about of the event."

- Kristin Luck, Founder, Women in Research

“Bobbi did an exquisite job moderating the panel at the recent Women Rainmaking:  Solutions for Success.  She created the perfect casual atmosphere that felt like the panelists were having a chat with the audience members as if they were old friends.  Bobbi teased out key points from one panelist and used them nicely to transition the follow-up question to another panelist.”

-Natalie Runyon, Thomson Reuters

"Bobbi – thank you for your beautiful orchestration of our panel.  One person at cocktails asked me if we were all old friends?  I laughed and said yes we all will be but the truth is we met at 5:15 pm.  This is evidence of your wonderful moderation."

-Sophia Yen, KPMG

"Bobbi Rebell was an engaging and effective speaker for A Better Balance. She was able to effectively spotlight the key issues facing working women, especially mothers juggling work and family, and involve our audience in a lively discussion. Our event was a big hit. "

-Dina Bakst, A Better Balance

Bobbi served as a keynote speaker at The Young Women's Leadership School of Brooklyn for their signature program, Cool Women, Hot/STEM Jobs.  
As an expert in her field of journalism, she helped students in the 7th and 8th grade learn about and understand the importance of knowing how to manage a wide variety of software and coding programs and shared tips on how to become tech savvy.  She shared her process for releasing a story to the media, which included editing, interviewing, and working with a team.  
Bobbi also went on to host students in her workplace to give them real world access and experience to a day in the life of Reuters employees. 

 -Yahaira Gil Maestro, Young Women's Leadership Network